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asian chat apps
How Many People Use Messaging Apps? By the Numbers. How Many People Use Messaging Apps? By the Numbers.
These are some of the fastest growing digital properties in the world and some have even evolved beyond a traditional mobile app into their own social platforms with gaming and commerce capabilities. I thought it would be interesting to break out a subset of my big list of social media and app user totals that focuses on these chat apps.
Popular Messaging Apps in Asia Demystify Asia.
Asian Business Information. Incorporating a Business in Hong Kong. Incorporating a Business in Singapore. Currencies of Asia. Languages Spoken in Asia. Write For Us. Popular Messaging Apps in Asia. TOPICS: line message app qq watsapp wechat. Posted By: Shona May 24, 2016.
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10 Must-Have Apps For China AsiaAssist.
Here is 10 must-have apps wed like to recommend to you if you visit China. 1 A VPN Virtual Private Network, e.g. A VPN helps you to get internet access through servers which are in another country. Since Google, Facebook, WhatsApp co. are blocked in China, a VPN is mandatory if you want to share your experience abroad with your friends back home. One VPN provider which works in the Middle Kingdom as China is also known is called ExpressVPN. 2 WeChat available in English, German other languages. WeChat is an instant messenger used by almost every Chinese with much more features than for example WhatsApp. You can not only chat with friends and colleagues or post some photos in your moments, but also scan QR-Codes, play games and even pay with WeChat once you have connected your bank account to it.
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Does Snapchat matter in Asia? Econsultancy.
Snap itself reports Daily Active Users DAUs as its main growth metric as any other usage frequency besides daily is rather meaningless for a chat application. Statista reports that there are now 39 million Snapchat DAUs in the Rest of the World outside North America and Europe, but even if all of those users were all in Asia that would indicate that only around 2% of Asian internet users use Snapchat regularly. Snapchat does not seem to be growing in the region. Additionally, there are few indicators of growth. The Statista DAU number did grow 50% between Q4 2015 and Q4 2016 24m to 39m, but even at that rate it would be 2020 before the platform hit 10% penetration in the region. App Annie, which shows the popularity of various apps by country according to number of downloads, also indicates that Snapchat is struggling in the region.
asian chat apps
Southeast Asia proves its love for messaging apps when one sees that messaging-only apps repeatedly rank among the top three social platforms in the region. The difference is that unlike India, where WhatsApp has by and large become ubiquitous, Southeast Asian countries have platforms like LINE, WeChat, Kakao Talk, Facebook Messenger, Zalo, Viber, and even Blackberry Messenger giving stiff competition to the big daddy of messaging apps. For a region that loves and literally lives on chat apps, this is naturally a big space for brands and advertisers to invest in.

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